RenehaVis Injection for Osteoarthritis

RenehaVis knee Injection for Osteoarthritis is a sodium hyaluronate product, comprising a dual-chambered prefilled syringe that enables administration of both high and low molecular weight. RenehaVis is a unique two-chamber injection that contains two different Hyaluronic Acids with two different concentrations in one syringe. 

RenehaVis Injection  for Osteoarthritis

How does ReneHavis Knee Injection work?

RenehaVis™ is a 2-injection treatment (over a period of 2 weeks) for treating knee osteoarthritis.

  1. The first chamber contains a Low Molecular Weight HA in High Concentration.
  2. The second chamber contains a High Molecular Weight HA in Low Concentration.

The combination of the two forms of hyaluronic acid reduces pain, while improving the elasticity and mobility of the damaged joint. Although up to three injections RenehaVis knee Injection for Osteoarthritis can be given at weekly intervals subject to disease severity, the majority of patients in the clinical trial reported maximum pain improvement after just two.

Renehavis USA

Each bottle contains 100 mL soln plus 1 applicator for nasal use and 1 applicator for the use in the ear, sealed in a bag.

Inside the metal bottle, the soln remains isolated and not in contact with the propellant.

The propellent used is air, and it pressurizes within the entire space surrounding the bag inside the metal bottle. The inhalation of Renehavis occurs via a valve positioned above the bag.

With the system: The air is like a gas propellant, so Renehavis does not damage the ozone layer. It is necessary to use preservatives, so the possibility of allergic reaction is less. The bottle can be in any direction, so Renehavis is practical and easy to use.

How long does RenehaVis treatment last?

The duration of effect in patients with osteoarthritis has demonstrated to be up to 12 months

Adverse Reactions

Transient pain and swelling may occur with intra-articular injections. Renehavis Price varies from country to country, depending on the taxes.
Transient increases in inflammation in the injected synovial joint following injection of RenehaVis™ may occur in patients with inflammatory osteoarthritis.

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