SoftFil Perfect Skin Massager


It may be used:

– as a distraction during injecting filler
– in combination with a cream, a serum or a mask.
– after aesthetic injections in the face, hands or neck, at a clinic and at home,
– as a regular treatment to increase intra-vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Applied for 3 minutes per area (on the forehead, eye or lip contour, cheekbones, chin, hands, décolleté or neck) will ensure an optimal and homogeneous effect, just after the treatments.

At home, it is recommended to use it for 3 minutes 2 times a week.

The SoftFil® Skin Massager is easy to operate, and may be used right after the procedure and then at home on a twice weekly basis.

For the ultimate skin massage after aesthetic injection treatments.