Buy Softfil needles & cannulas. SoftFil was established in 2009 by the Soft Medical Aesthetics Laboratories, offering the largest range of innovative cannulas for a better way of injections. The cannulas are based on the “Soft Filling Technique” and is designed for certified medical practitioners. The SoftFil needles are flexible and manufactured with a blunt tip, allowing a soft penetration into the skin. The needles can slide in the under layer of the dermis without damaging the blood vessels.


The choice of the cannula is based on two parameters that characterize the flexibility of the micro-canula – the length, according to the extent of the area to be treated. – the external diameter, expressed in gauge (G) and millimetres (mm), to be adapted to the viscosity of the product and the injection plan.

The technique, method and products used depend on experience and are left to the discretion of the physician and/or health professional qualified to ensure the best clinical results.

In case of significant bleeding at the point of entry, it is recommended to make a new entry point. Users should follow appropriate aseptic conditions and handle needles with caution to avoid stinging injuries that may cause the transmission of infectious diseases.

Cannulas are fragile devices, to be handled with care. Any deformation, crushing or damage to the tube can cause it to break during use. Do not force in case of resistance. In the event of a rupture in use, the patient should be redirected as soon as possible to an authorized surgeon, who will take appropriate action. Buy Softfil needles & cannulas at mega shop