Buy CSH cannula Online. It embodies the ideal combination of innovation and tradition. First, it has an innovative TSKiD™ Standard. As a result the extrusion force is lower and your flow rate higher. However, the tip shape remains traditional, ensuring familiar handling. In short, the CSH cannula is the answer when searching for a traditional cannula, only better.


The CSH cannula combines the traditional cannula shape with the TSK Ultra Thin Wall technology. Resulting in a better flow rate and more precise filler delivery.
– Regular handling
– 18N cannula introduction force needed
– Traditional product delivery
– Ultra thin wall

Buy CSH cannula Online. Cannulas have become a sudden popular choice worldwide, due to less posed risk of bruising, which is common with needles. Cannulas also allow patients to be treated over a larger surface area of skin, achieved directly from a single site of injection. Resulting in less trauma and a more enhanced patient experience