Plinest Fillers

Plinest Newest Mastelli Injection is the category changer in skin rejuvenation. By using highly pure and effective polynucleotide (PN) gel to restore skin health of the face, neck, scalp, hands, body and private parts.

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Thanks to its biochemical, viscoelastic and moisturizing properties, Plinest ailest improves the skin turgor, elasticity and tonicity. In addition, Plinest can also be beneficial to areas consisting of fibrous tissue, such as stretch marks and scars, making it one of the game-changers for scar treatments.

Also, Plinest is the father of Polynucleotide (PN) gel, the origin of gels such as Rejuran and other PN or PDRN gels in the market.

DNA fragments extracted from Italian Trout Fish using HPT technology developed and patented by Mastelli in Italy, Plinest can be considered as the Ferrari of the regenerative gels in the aesthetic market.

It improves skin quality from within, promoting skin bio-revitalization and collagen restoration via a natural physiological process. Patients treated with Plinest will have better skin radiance, youthful looking textures, have better skin elasticity, making them looking young and healthy.

It erases signs of aging of the face and body, and is also a good companion to treatments like Picosecond lasers, Sylfirm X, Fractional CO2, Tixel, EMTone, hair transplants.


Plinest Mastelli

plinest 2ml gels are combination of polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid. Newest is best used on dry and wrinkled skin types, suitable for those who are frequently under the sun, sportsmen and sportswomen, golfers, divers and swimmers. Polynucleotides increase the elasticity and tone of the skin as well as regenerate and stimulate the secretion of fibroblasts. Hyaluronic acid increases volume and moisture content.

Plinest injection in skin biorevitalization procedures is successfully used by cosmetologists all over the world to restore the health of the skin, increase turgor and achieve a significant rejuvenating effect. The principle of action of the innovative Plinest repair system is based on the activation of the skin’s own cellular resources. 

Plinest fast is an injectable that consists of highly purified natural origin long chain polynucleotide. It combats the effects of aging by helping fibroblasts produce the needed collagen and non-collagenic molecules to smoothen and revitalize the areas of the face or body that show signs of aging.

Plinest Injection Review

Being one of the study sites for Plinest ailest and Newest, Clique Clinic is one of the earliest users of these regenerative gels in Asia for regenerative and restorative treatments for their patients.

Committed to ensure the safety and efficacy of these treatments, Clique Clinic has participated in studies of PN treatments on Asian patients and working towards optimizing the treatment to its highest potential.

Plinest has been proven to be safe and efficacious with more than 100 published clinical studies.

Skin quality is important to human attractiveness and significantly influences perception of age, attractiveness, health and youth. Even small changes in skin surface and pigmentation pattern can have a strong impact on perceived facial attractiveness.

Age-related skin changes stem from aging-induced alterations that occur in all tissue layers. In addition, the elasticity of skin decreases with age due to collagen and elastin loss. While there’s an increase in surface roughness due to decreased water and sebum content in the skin. This contributes to the development of fine lines. Plinest body is useful in reversing these signs of skin aging. 

Benefits of Plinest Mastelli Injection

  1. to begin with, Plinest Promotes collagen restoration to reverse signs of aging
  2. In addition, it Regenerate and rejuvenate fibroblasts, to repair damaged skin and tissue
  3. Promote visible skin firmness, skin hydration and elasticity
  4. Restore glowing skin radiance and youthfulness
  5. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  6. Lighten and flatten atrophic scars, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines
  7. Restore tone and elasticity to the parts of the body that need it most as they age, such as inner thigh, arms and abdomen
  8. Act against free radicals and oxidative stress, to prevent further aging and elastosis
  9. Revitalize intradermal structures of vulvovaginal areas
  10. Regenerate and promote scalp health and hair growth on the scalp
  11. Remodel striae and depressed scars with integrated bio-restructuring
  12. Intensive treatment for mature skin type

It is a colorless and apirogenic gel for intradermal injection based on polynucleotides. Depending on the type of product, we have a polynucleotide concentration of 20mg/ml in Plinest and 7.5 mg/ml in Plinest fast

Benefits of Plinest Mastelli Injection

  • Polynucleotides influence the renewal of the genetic material of cells DNA and RNA
  • When administered regularly, they induce prolonged isoosmotic humidification
  • Improve trophic conditions of the dermal matrix
  • Regenerate and stimulate fibroblasts to divide and increase the secretion of extracellular matrix components by up to 30%
  • Increase skin firmness, tone and elasticity (biorevitalization)
  • Lastly, promote the recovery of aesthetics and functionality of areas with hypertrophy of the fibrous component (stretch marks, scars of dystrophic or regularly damaged areas)

Is it safe?

To begin with, Plinest is a Class III medical device, CE certified and of natural origin. In addition, it has a proven lack of local and systemic toxicity and has decades of clinical medical experience in the treatment of skin pathologies (skin aging, burns, wounds, sores).

Immediately after the treatment may appear a slight, rapidly receding erythema, swelling, slight bruising at the injection site. There are no distant complications.

What are the indications for treatment?

  • Prevention of skin aging, in bio-revitalization treatments
  • In addition, loss of firmness, deteriorated tension, signs of aging and photoaging, moisturizing and refreshing the skin
  • Also, improvement of skin physiological functions (stimulation of metabolic and secretory activity of fibroblasts, antioxidant effects)
  • Stretch marks, scars, alopecia, wound healing

Where can the treatment be performed?

  • Face (forehead and glabella, eye area – also as a treatment for lower eyelid sagging, cheeks, nasolabial area, the area around the mouth)
  • Neck and cleavage
  • and lastly, Hairy scalp

How often a treatment?

Depending on skin requirements, 2 to 4 treatments 3-4 weeks apart.


  • firstly, pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Also, skin infections in the area of the planned treatment
  • active herpes
  • active autoimmune diseases and cancer
  • Unbalanced diabetes,
  • in addition to this, tendency to scarring,
  • lastly, hemophilia, – antibiotic treatment