Plasmolifting PRP Gel kit

Plasmolifting Prp Gel kit is a non-toxic and non-surgical unique regenerative method developed by two Russian physicians after years of research. This medical treatment involves separating the patient’s own blood via centrifugation into autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP), red blood cells, and white blood cells. The PRP is then injected into the tissues to stimulate tissue regeneration. Plasmolifting PRP Gel Kit is one of the important components of the Plasmolifting medical device. Firstly, It is a sterile and disposable separating thixotropic gel that contains sodium citrate-based anticoagulant to prevent the contained blood from coagulating. Once the blood had been drawn into the tube, it is centrifuged. This process results in an autologous PRP that is in a gel form, Plasmogel. This can then be injected to correct various aesthetic imperfections like deep wrinkles and undefined facial features and contours. You need the following components in order to perform Plasmolifting therapy efficiently:

General protocol for Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes method:

1. Choice of anaesthesia (applicative, regional)
2. Blood collection3. Centrifugation according to the protocol4. Plasma collection in special syringes, setting the thermostat
5. Obtaining the Plasmogel6. Skin treatment with local antiseptic
7. Injecting the gel in the area undergoing correction

For the Plasmogel procedure, one needs the following equipment:

  • Special thermostat (that heats up to 95° C)
  • A centrifuge adapted for Plasmolifting™
  • Peripheral venous catheters, with a diameter of at least 1.1 mm (21 – 23G)
  • Special Plasmolifting™ tubes (9 ml, sterile, with sodium heparin in vivo and thixotropic gel)
  • Luer-lock syringes (2.5 ml volume)
  • Needles for gel injection (23G)

Plasmolifting PRP Gel tubes for sale. A disposable device (do not reuse it). Also, Caution is advisable in HIV- positive patients, patients with abnormal platelet functions, and those with an infection (acute or chronic) at the treatment site.

So, for optimal results, insert PRP kit in vital tissues via hypodermal or intradermal injection (in direct contact with tissues)

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