Irripod Sterile Saline Pods (Buy Online)

Irripod Sterile Saline Pods is a preservative-free isotonic sterile solution of sodium chloride in water (saline). It is also useful in the topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds, including deep wounds and burns.  Irripod can also be as an eyewash. Sterile eye wash Solution may also be used for the irrigation and cleansing of the eyes and anywhere on the body.

Unlike other pods the new pods have a slim neck for greater accuracy, ensuring the water jet goes exactly where you want it, and reduces the amount of water wasted

Irripod Sterile Saline Pods

 Benefits of Irripod Sterile Saline Pods

  • Sterile Isotopic solution containing 0.9% sodium chloride in water, used for cleaning wounds, including deep wounds and burns. Also, as an eye wash.
  • In addition, Each pod of Irripod sterile saline pods contain 20ml Sterile Normal Saline.
  • Odourless and also preservative – free
  • Single use, easy twist-open pods. More so, Ideal for accurate directional irrigation or dispensing gentle drops.
  • Not for use in injections.
  • CE approved Class IIb Medical Device

Features Irripod Sterile Saline Pods

  • Claimable 
  • Handy, so twist open pods
  • Supplied in 20ml individual pods
  • 25 pods per box
  • Sterile self-contained and disposable pods, to ensure minimal waste and reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Cost-effective
  • Removes the need for swabs, gallipots, pipettes and syringes during treatment
  • Easy to separate
  • Ensures safe and effective irrigation even in delicate and sensitive areas
  • Squeeze firmly for directional irrigation or gently for drop by drop dispensing


  • For external use only.
  • It cannot be used for injection or for use as an enema.
  • Do not use if the product is not clear.
  • Do not use if the product has leaked before opening.
  • For use on one occasion only – discard any leftover product.
  • Not to be used with other irrigation fluids containing silver, lead, or mercurials.

Product Description

  • Sterile saline pods containing topical irrigation solution (Sodium Chloride, PH.Eur, 0.9% w/v)
  • Suitable for topical irrigation, wound cleansing and ocular irrigation
  • Ready to use with twist-off top for ease of use
  • Lastly, For irrigation only; not for injection

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