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Buy SoftFil Skin Roller

Buy SoftFil Creative Skin Roller, a roller with micro-needles in high quality stainless steel. Softfil creative 1 mm to roll on skin, in a non-invasive and non-surgical way, without any side effects. Packed in a protective box under a sterile pouch and in an elegant box. The SoftFil Creative Skin Roller is a skin roller covered […]

Buy Derma Rollers Online

What Is Derma-rolling? Buy Derma Rollers Online. Rolling involves the use of micro-needles which makes microscopic incisions in the skin as “trauma” which then causes the skin to go into “repair mode” by stimulating collagen production. Sounds pretty intense, but it’s actually not as scary as you think. What is a Derma-roller? A Derma-roller is, […]

Buy BCN Meso Roller Online

What is Meso Roller Buy BCN Meso Roller, a mechanical transdermal penetration device consisting of a handle with a roller at the end. The roller consists of microneedles that, depending on the model, can have different sizes. To perform the treatment, the Buy BCN Meso Roller slides on the skin in four different directions (making […]