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Buy TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula are premium cannulas with a patented design that promises easy cannula introduction and accurate filler placement. It also ensures optimal comfort for the patient. TSK CHS blunt tip cannulas are developed with a closed-tip laser cut side hole that reduces the risk of bruising.

Firstly, TSK dermal filler cannulas have the best overall manageability with easier insertion. More so, the lowest penetration force and best gliding capacity. This results in less bruising, improved patient comfort and increased precision when administering dermal fillers.

TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula
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Advantages of TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula

  • ULTRA Thin Wall
  • Less extrusion force needed
  • A more precise and easy injection
  • Reduced risk of bruising and bleeding

Due to less posed risk of bruising, which is common with needles, Cannulas have become a sudden popular choice worldwide. Cannulas also allow treatment over a larger surface area of skin, achieved directly from a single site of injection. This results in less trauma and a more enhanced patient experience

STERiGLIDE cannula.

Has a revolutionary design that provides up to 50% better gliding. The cannula penetration path has a better control mechanism and the filler can be placed more precisely.

  • Up to 50% better gliding
  • Only 8N introduction force needed
  • Near tip product delivery
  • ULTRA thin wall
STERiGLIDE cannula

CSH cannula

The CSH cannula combines the traditional cannula shape with the TSK Ultra Thin Wall technology, resulting in a better flow rate in comparison to regular cannulas.

  • Regular handling
  • 18N introduction force needed
  • Traditional product delivery
  • ULTRA thin wall
CSH cannula

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