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Buy Plinest Newest by Mastelli. Plinest intradermal injection is a polynucleotide gel for intradermal infiltration into the face, neck and cleavage. Also, Plinest care line is a face and body regenerating anti-aging programme based on nucleotides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Also,  The synergy that brings the skin back to life naturally. – a Mastelli patent, exclusive mixture polynucleotides + hyaluronic acid.

Plinest injection Review

Committed to developing specific products in the field of aesthetic medicine, the Manufacturer Mastelli are a revitalizing line based on polynucleotides of natural origin and hyaluronic acid is designed specifically to moisturize the skin in depth, improving its firmness and suppleness in time

Plinest intradermal injection (Buy Online)

Benefits of using Plinest intradermal injection

  • Polynucleotides influence the renewal of the genetic material of cells DNA and RNA
  • When administered regularly, they induce prolonged isoosmotic humidification
  • Improve trophic conditions of the dermal matrix
  • Regenerate and stimulate fibroblasts to divide and increase the secretion of extracellular matrix components by up to 30%
  • Also Increase skin firmness, tone and elasticity (biorevitalization)
  • Promote the recovery of aesthetics and functionality of areas with hypertrophy of the fibrous component (stretch marks, scars of dystrophic or regularly damaged areas)

What are the different formulas of Plinest intradermal injection

Plinest Body

Plinest body thanks to its biochemical, moisturizing and trophic properties, improves the turgidity, elasticity and tonicity of the skin, It also helps remodel striae and depressed scars and is included in integrated biorestruncturing protocols.

Plinest Body

Buy Plinest Newest Mastelli: Pinest fast

Plinest Fast is an injectable polynucleotide applicable to the following areas: face, hands and scalp. Thanks to its biochemical, moisturizing and trophic properties, Plinest Fast improves the turgidity, elasticity and tonicity of the skin. In addition, the product helps remodel stretch marks and depressed scars.

Fast action is the ultimate for fine and delicate skin areas, particular areas like scalp, eye contour, young skin and for maintenance.

Pinest fast

Plinest Ialest

Plinest Ialest is hyaluronic acid (HA) gel for injections in face, neck and cleavage. Natural hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin, highly purified.

Plinest Ialest

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