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What is Juvedeerm Volte

Buy Juvederm Volite Online, an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality for up to 9 months. This is not a dermal filler, it’s a skin conditioning Hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. Volite is injected into the middle layers of the dermis across many sites to nourish it from the inside out.  Volite is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Buy Juvederm Volite Online
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How long does Juvederm Volite last?

Buy Juvederm Volite Online is an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality for up to 9 months.

How much does Juvedeerm Volite cost?

Juvéderm Volite Beauty Booster treatment costs between $1200 and $1800 and lasts 9 months.

Juvederm Volite Online Areas Suitable for Treatment

  • Face – Requires 2ml of Volite
  • Neck – Requires 2ml of Volite
  • Décolletage – Requires 2ml of Volite
  • Back of Hands – Requires 1ml of Volite

Juvéderm Volite should be delivered in a medical environment by a fully trained & qualified Nurse or Doctor.

The results of Juvéderm Volite are not permanent. We recommend for best results to have regular treatments every 6-9 months

juvederm buy online | Juvederm Volite Online Side Effects

  • Inflammatory reactions, such as redness, edema, and erythema, possibly with itching, pain, pressure, or paresthesia (tingling). These may occur after injection and last for up to a week.
  • Hematomas (bruising).
  • Induration (hardening) or nodules (lumps) at the injection site.
  • Staining or discoloring at injection site, especially with too superficial an injection, called the Tyndall effect.
  • Poor or weak filling effect.
  • Rare but serious side effects after intravascular injection and tissue compression. These may include temporary or permanent vision impairment, blindness, cerebral ischemia (insufficient blood flow to the brain) or cerebral hemorrhage leading to stroke, skin necrosis (death), and damage to underlying structures. Stop injection immediately if a patient has symptoms including vision changes, signs of stroke, skin blanching, or unusual pain during or soon after the injection. Ensure the patient receives prompt medical attention and possibly sees a specialist if there is an intravascular injection.
  • Rarely, abscesses, granuloma, and immediate or delayed hypersenstivity. 

Prior to Treatment:

  • Avoid the use of alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Ensure that you let your Medical Practitioner know of any medications that you are taking, but especially if you have recently taken Warfarin, aspirin or any other anti-coagulant medication.
  • We do not recommend treatment if you are on a course of antibiotics.
  • We cannot treat patients who have taken the medication Roaccutane within the last 6 months.

Following Treatment:

  • Any small raised areas at the injection site will disappear within 1-2 hours following treatment.
  • Bruising, redness and tenderness to the injection site is common and will resolve in several days.
  • Alcohol consumption for 12 hours to be avoided.
  • Avoid exercise for 48 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid applying makeup to the area for 12 hours.

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Buy Juvederm Volite Online