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Buy Cytocare Dermal Fillers is a formula range to treat the face and body through a variety of filler products. Also, it is available in different variations depending on the surface area that patients wish to target.

The Cytocare complex is a mix of hyaluronic acid filler with vitamin and nutrient solution. Also, Mesogun delivere this solution to offer more complete and longer-lasting results.

Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers (Mesotherapy)
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What is Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers used for?

Inject Cytocare into the superficial layer of the skin to rehydrate the cells. This results in added density to the foundational components of the skin. In addition, an injection of this aesthetic replenishes the naturally depleted hyaluronic acid that loses retention as the skin ages, repairing the internal environment of the dermis.

How Long does Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers last?

The duration of results depend on a variety of factors, though clinical trials how shown that results last on average for 3 months. To maintain results, it is advisable that touch ups should take place in 1 session every 3 months. However, age and lifestyle of the individual as well as the application technique used, and the area treated will all factor into the duration of the results.

Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers 502

Cytocare 502 is to preserve the youth of the skin and helps maintain hydration. Also, Cytocare 502 removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It creates and improves a radiant glow.

Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers  502

Cytocare 516

 Reduces the early fine lines and wrinkles and increases tonicity and elasticity. Cytocare 516 helps to restore hydration and improve radiance.

Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers 516

Cytocare 532

532 reduces fine lines and wrinkles and corrects skin ageing process. Cytocare 532 helps to restore hydration, tonicity and elasticity of the skin and improves radiance.

Cytocare Injectable Dermal Fillers 532

Cytocare S line

The S Line is a resorbable implant made of Hyaluronic acid + Rejuvenating complex, injectable by micro-injections into superficial dermis of the face to fill fine lines and attenuate wrinkles. Cytocare S Line is also works for loss of densification, restore skin hydration, lack of radiance and for skin lightening.

Cytocare  S line

Cytocare before and After

Cytocare  before and After

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