Buy Cingal Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis

Buy Cingal Knee injection for Osteoarthritis is a single injection that provides the quick pain relief of a corticosteroid with the long-term pain relief of a viscosupplement. Cingal is the only viscosupplement that combines a corticosteroid for fast pain relief with a viscosupplement, a clear gel-like substance containing hyaluronic acid, for sustained Osteoarthritis knee pain relief.

A chemically cross-linked sodium hyaluronate combined with Triamcinolone hexacetonide supplied as a 4-mL unit dose in a 5-mL glass syringe. Inject Cingal into the intraarticular (IA) space of the index hip using an 18-21-gauge needle. It is for the symptomatic relief of osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint.

Cingal Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis
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What is Cingal Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis For?

Cingal® is a single-injection osteoarthritis knee pain relief treatment that combines the fast* relief of a corticosteroid with the long-lasting relief of a viscosupplement.

Side Effets Of Cingal

  • Cingal® should be give by a qualified physician or properly licensed practitioner.
  • Tell your healthcare professional if you have any known allergies before using Cingal
  • The safety and effectiveness of Cingal have not been shown in pregnant or nursing women. You should tell your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Itching, bruising, and/or redness. You may also feel achy. Also, the skin at the injection site may become thinner or change colour. You may experience facial flushing. These reactions are generally mild and do not last long.

How Long does Cingal Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis Last?

Pain relief with Cingal® generally occurs within 24 hours of administration and can last up to 26 weeks.

Is Cingal FDA Approved?

Cingal is a powerful, first-in-class treatment that combines the benefits of Anika’s proprietary cross-linked hyaluronic acid formulation of Monovisc, proven to deliver up to 6 months of relief of the symptoms of OA, with a well-established FDA-approved steroid to treat inflammation and provide additional short-term pain

Cingal Injection Price

 There is considerable variability in the costs of the 3 HA brands, with Monovisc priced at $320 per injection, Durolane at $409 per injection, and Synvisc-One at $424 per injection, the last 2 being even more expensive than Cingal ($400 per injection). However, you can get Cinngal at at an affordable price

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