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Buy Aliaxin Dermal Fillers is an intradermal dermal filler range containing ultrapure hyaluronic acid with the ability to seamlessly integrate into the skin.

This Dermal Fillers replenish the natural shape, fullness and symmetry of face. It also restores tone, increases elasticity and maintains hydration.

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Four formulations of the Aliaxin filler are available, using a combination of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights of specific visco-elastic properties, to make them more suited to treat the different areas of the face like

  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Lip Treatment
  • Facial Reshaping
  • And lastly, Skin Texture Improvement
Aliaxin dermal Fillers

Buy Aliaxin products |How long does Aliaxin dermal Fillers Last?

Aliaxin fillers generally lasts between 6 and 8 months.

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Four formulations of the Alianax Dermal Fillers are available using a combination of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights of specific visco-elastic properties. These combinations make them more suited to treat the different areas of the face.

Aliaxin® Fine Lines/ Aliaxin® lips fillers

Aliaxin FL  is specifically for the lips, lip contour, fine lines and wrinkles. The structure of the gel guarantees high resistance to mechanical. Aliaxin FL (‘Fine Lines’) is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed for lip augmentation and to define the margins of the lips, also known as the vermillion border.

Aliaxin dermal Fillers fine lines

Aliaxin® SR

Aliaxin® SR is a highly reliable dermal filler that quickly restores volume under the skin, considerably improves the contour of the face and greatly boosts skin’s elasticity and firmness. Also, this formula contains two different types of Hyaluronic acid, cross-linked and natural.

This enables it to deliver lasting anti-sagging effects and prolonged skin hydration. It is Ideal for facial remodeling, replenishing fullness, with natural and well-defined contour. Works for broad areas of the face and particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as the tear troughs.

Aliaxin dermal Fillers SR

Aliaxin® Essential Volume

Aliaxin EV (Essential Volume)e is optimal for lifting capacity. This formula is ideal for subcutaneous implants and restoring facial volume. Aliaxin® Essential Volume is ideal for volume and contouring. Optimal lifting capacity makes it the ideal product for subcutaneous implants, restoring facial volume.

Aliaxin dermal Fillers Essential Volume

Aliaxin GP Global Performance

 Aliaxin® Global Performance is Ideal for treating the most common facial imperfections, offering a corrective and prolonged action for wrinkles and more pronounced folds (nasolabial folds, nose, chin, lip augmentation and cheeks). This formula aims at the global rejuvenation of the face. With its help, the skin tone can be restored to its natural shape. Fullness and symmetry of the face can be filled, as well as the skin elasticity can be increased. It also maintains hydration.

Aliaxin Global Performance

Aliaxin dermal Fillers Before and after

Aliaxin® Shape & Restore
ALiaxin Before and After
Aliaxin Before and After

Is Aliaxin® a good filler?

In the practical application of Aliaxin dermal filler, the products integrate very smoothly with the skin tissues and are less likely to cause inflammation because of the purity.

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