Buy BCN Conductor Gel Online

Buy BCN Conductor Gel, a positive conductor, suitable as a base to dissolve the active ingredients. Indicated for all skin types. Also, transparent, with a nice texture, not sticky, and provides smoothness to the skin. Its viscosity makes it easier to work with the different teams with which it is used. By so, allowing for a good sliding of the heads. Nor rust or grease the equipment, and does not contain any agent that could damage or leave a residue not removable.  

Buy BCN Conductor Gel Online


Jar with dispenser | 1 x 1000 ml | 33.81 fl.oz. e | Gel

Buy BCN Conductor Gel Treatments

Acne, Anti-Ageing, cellulite, contour eyes, stretch marks and Acne, localized fat, Hyperpigmentation, loss of hair Skin break out, eye zone, going bald, confined fat, and scars.


Base to dissolve the active ingredients.

Buy BCN Conductor Gel Instructions for Use

Mix with the desired amount of active ingredient and stir until obtain a homogeneous solution. Use immediately. Reasonable for a wide range of skin, the straightforward gel isn’t tacky and readies the skin, making it a smooth base. It can work with various gear, permitting instruments to slide over the skin pleasantly. The gel won’t harm the gear or leave any rust or buildup, making it the ideal accomplice for medicines.

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